Imagine a theatre performance set in a tree-house high up in one of Oslo’s old big trees. This is no ordinary tree-house. Situated almost 9 meters above the ground and 4 stories high, this enchanting structure was built without compromising a single branch or using a single nail.



We have this urge, at least at children do, to climb trees. A tree can be a free-zone, a place of refuge, the climb itself is a challenge. It gives us a feeling of accomplishment, safety, reassurance and joy. High up there we can be part of something bigger than ourselves, connected to something intrinsic and lasting. We get this distinctive sense of belonging. 

We know, at least as adults do, that our relationship with nature is becoming increasingly abnormal. Forests are cut down, the air is becoming toxic, and the climate is changing. It’s not uncommon to feel estranged in our own surroundings.

The Osperheim Complex sets out to investigate, in it's own unique ways, the things we surround ourselves with, our relationship with our environment and with nature. In the future, how will our so-called sustainable lifestyle manifest itself?

The tree-house and the performance were created simultaneously.  


Irene: The day that all the trees died

The park of dead trees

A memory of the time they still lived

The trees

One tree still stood. one tree.

It was his tree, Osperheim.

Irene - What are you doing here?

Estafu - Is it to late?

Irene - The roots have dug to deept.

Estafu - Tonight we will dive down in the tree.


  • Conception and directing: Claire de Wangen
  • Scenographer: Lea Basch
  • Architects: Talleraas, Arnhoff og Nango
  • Construction/site manager : Geir Backe Altern
  • Actors: Oddrun Valestrand og Gaute Askild Næsheim
  • Texts: Gaute Askild Næsheim og Claire de Wangen
  • Builders: Halvor Wilhelm Valle, Eystein Talleraas, Håvard Arnhoff, Adrian Rønningen, Tellef Haugen, Ilker Dursun, Ulf Styren, 
  • Sewing: Tone Aminda Gøytil Lund
  • Arborists: Glen Read & Toby Read
  • Architectural consultant: Eivind Nygaard
  • Pr: Tiril Bryn
  • Dramaturgy consultant: Joanna Magierecka
  • Photography/design: Morten Bendiksen
  • Osperheimkomplekset was funded by kunstløftet og Norsk kulturråd
  • Thanks and hugs to Espen Henningsen, Elisabeth Weihe, Per Bogstad Gulliksen, Arne Andreas Opheim, Marie Othilie Hundevadt, Lars Cuzner, Maja og Anton,