- a museum disturbance

Legemsarkivene was an audio-guided theater walk.

Close to the reality of the Museum of Cultural History, we discovered a different layer; a parallel un-reality.


"It seems like the Foundoution might be on to a method for  vacuum encapsulating electro-magnetic current from highly evolved cretaures. In other words: they can preserve a copy of your soul. Just like a bag of  freeze dried goods, they will keep a destilled version of who you are, to be released in thousands of years. But into what life? In which body?"


The audience is invited to tour the museum's display cases, stairways and ornamented halls. Accompanied by Ellie, the audio guide the Museum of Cultural History will reveal itself in a different (and perhaps also slightly disconcerting) light.



  • Conception and directing: Claire de Wangen
  • Actors: Joanna Magierecka, Oddrun Valestrand, Gaute Askild Næsheim, Lasse Valdal, Signhild Meen Wærsted, Nasser Mhende &Per Tykriseth
  • Sound design: Gisle Tveito & Fredric Vogel
  • Texts: Gaute Askild Næsheim & Claire de Wangen
  • Costume: Kristine Gjems og Lea Basch
  • Pr: Tiril Bryn
  • Photography/design: Morten Bendiksen
  • Funded by Norsk kulturråd and Fond for lyd og bilde
  • A big thanks to the Museum of Cultural History for housing