"Messels memorandum” was a performance throughout the closed down nursing home of Lille Tøyen. The entire house offered a landscape of images and occurances  - in the interval between what the building used to accommodate and what may reside there in the future.

Are you here to visit someone? Who are you here for? The old have moved out. Only their stories are left behind. Absorbed by the walls. Embodied in linoleum. The airing ducts have inhaled them and send them back in reruns. Overgrown. Shimmering. They need nursing to. Otherwise the stories will decay, wither and cling like cobweb in a corner, moulder and empoison the environment with their absence. They need nursing, respect, a worthy end. Or else they will haunt us to the end of time.




O bli hos meg! Nå er det aftentid,
og mørket stiger, dvel, o Herre blid!
Når annen hjelp blir støv og duger ei,
du, hjelpeløses hjelper, bli hos meg!



  • Conception and directing: Claire de Wangen

“Messels memorandum” was created in close collaboration with:

  • Actors: Gaute Askild Næsheim, Joanna Magierecka, Oddrunn Valestrand, Signhild Meen Wærsted, Lea Basch, Telma Bekken Lindberg, Per Bogstad Gulliksen, Per Tykriseth, Marie Othilie Hundevadt, Tale Hendnes, Anne Kathrine Fallmyr, Katinka Steensgaard, Dag Arnesen Gjertsen, Hilde Olsson, Thale Damm-Johnsen og Katarina Skår Henriksen.
  • Scenographers: Marte Joh Ekhougen og Lea Basch. Scenograph's helpers: Marie Othilie Hundevadt, Dag Arnesen Gjertsen, Marianne Stranger, Else Karin Opheim, Geir Backe Altern, Mari Lassen Kamsvaag. 
  • Light design: Thomas Bendiksen.
  • Most texts: Gaute Askild Næsheim & Claire de Wangen
  • Text lab: Cathrine Bjørndalen.
  • Pr. and production management: Tiril Bryn
  • Photography/design and allsorts: Morten Bendiksen
  • Messel memorandum was funded by Norsk kulturråd, Fond for lyd og bilde and Oslo kommune.