I had a dream last night. This dream was far more life-like then any dream I had before.

I was at the bottom of something; a very dark place. The whole tivoli was there. But without the sound, the light, the movement. Everything was dead; silent.

And then the horse-carousel, you know the one that has not been working for eighteen years, it started to go around. Slowly. But the engine was not running it, no, there were no engine sounds. I could hear the sound of wings; big wings flapping. The carousel horses had gotten wings and flapped so that the carouel went around. They streched their heads, as if to break loose from the circular circuit of the carousel. Faster and faster, around and around! The carousel creaked and moaned. Suddenly there's a loud boom; one of the horses has broken free and is flying towards the ceiling! There's another boom and then several as more horses break free and flap their wings to the ceiling, which is no longer a ceiling, but a dark and cloudy sky. Rays of sunlight shine through. All the carousel horses take to the sky and disappear between the clouds. More flapping noise rises around me and I feel like I'm falling.

But that is not what happens. Everything around me flies upwards; the bumper cars, the cotton candy cart, the shooting range, all the bunnies and prizes, the Hello Kitty ride; everything flaps and flies towards the sky. The sound from all the wings finally disappears and the clouds closes up. Again there is darkness and silence.

Juno's dream. Text by Gaute Askild Næsheim

  • Konsept, produksjon og regi: Claire de Wangen
  • Scenograf: Marianne Stranger
  • Skuespillere: Gaute Næsheim, Joanna Magierecka, Oddrun Valestrand, Per Tykriseth, Lasse Valdal, Tale Hendnes, Ida Straume, Alva og Lilou de Wangen. 
  • Snekker: Halvor Wilhelm Valle
  • Snekkerassistent/metallarbeider: PAFS
  • Scenografiassistenter: Sunniva Nilssen, Ida Frisch, Ann-Kristin Dnp, Marie Skibenes Botilsrud
  • Skogslydlandskap: Jennifer Eberhardt
  • Drømmelyd: Peder Hammersborg
  • Pr/sosiale medier: Tale Hendnes
  • Foto/grafisk: Morten Bendiksen
  • Støttet av: Norsk kulturråd, Oslo kommune/kulturetaten og Sagene bydel