Claire de Wangen, b.1975, Stavanger


de Wangen has her background in the performing arts, where she have been directing her attention towards selected sites and audience conditions. She has devised and directed in different sites under different artistic themes.  ex: “Light Specific”, Hafrsfjord 2001, an exploratory performance in a lighthouse.  “VisitTours”, 2006, sightsee-performance by bus in Oslos shifting cityscapes. “Deichmans komplott”, 2009, an expedition throughout the oldest Norwegian library building (target 3-6 year olds). “Messels memorandum”, Oslo 2010, a grand wandering of the closed-down nursing home. "Osperheimkomplekset", Oslo 2011, a four-storey treehouse in an old maple tree. (target 10-13 year olds).  "Station 75", 2013, a forgotten streetcorner (target 7-10 year olds).


By relating to a place as a site, certain expectations and narratives are generated. These provide the premises and produces consequences for artistic interaction, introducing layers of fiction. de Wangen is intrigued by exploring places that already contains established signs, symbols and stories, in order to layer them with something new, which manipulates the experience of it. How can a new logic be invented as a parallel to the existing environment? de Wangen is committed to cultivating a language that can both connect with and transport the viewer. Her aim is to examine the elusive intersections between a fictional and an actual space; making the site larger than itself.

All photos on this site were taken by Morten Bendiksen.