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By relating to a place as a site, certain expectations and narratives are generated. These provide the premises and produces consequences for artistic interaction, introducing layers of fiction. de Wangen is intrigued by exploring places that already contains established signs, symbols and stories, in order to layer them with something new, which manipulates the experience of it. How can a new logic be invented as a parallel to the existing environment? de Wangen is committed to cultivating a language that can both connect with and transport the viewer. Her aim is to examine the elusive intersections between a fictional and an actual space. Making the site larger than itself, by proposing a sensory and imaginative take.



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deWANGEN produksjoner utforsker nytt terreng. Terrenget er en bordplate, 12 tilskuere, et mylder av fortellinger.


Cortexnotatet finner sted inn bak stillaset i Wessels gate 2, Oslo. (inngang Ullevoldsveien)


Kunstnerisk ledelse/regi: Claire de Wangen


Videomapping: Morten Bendiksen

Video og foto: Morten Bendiksen & stock

Lyd: Bjørnar Hegge /eSOUNDteric & stock

Vektere: Marianne Jonger og Matthew Trustham

Tekst: Gaute Askild Næsheim og Claire de Wangen


Skuespillere: Oddrun Valestrand, Lasse Valdal, Adrian de Wangen, Davien Phillips, Lilou de Wangen, Liv Landmark, Minh Li, Per Tykriseth, Per Bogstad Gulliksen og Line Brå Johansen.


All texts are in English.


Forestillingen er støttet av Norsk Kulturråd.


15.10.17 - ..    OSLO, NORWAY

Foto: Morten Bendiksen

Foto: Morten Bendiksen

Foto: Morten Bendiksen

Foto: Morten Bendiksen